Cayo Jutia popular destination for Cuban nationals

cayo jutia pinar del rio cuba

Cayo Jutia is one of the 160 islands of the Los Colorados archipelago, a favorite destination for local’s tourists who are attracted by the islands virgin beaches and the beauty of its coastline. Every summer thousands of Cubans camp along the pristine shores of the Cayo Jutia Island. The island has been a popular hideaway fro Cuban tourists for over 3 decades.  It is yet to be visited by foreign tourists but is destined to be a major tourist destination when the 5 hotels planned for the island are finally built.

Visitors can reach the island via the 6.7 kilometers long causeway linking the mainland to Cayo Jutia.

The coast of Cayo Jutia is caressed by pristine waters while the beach is simply stunning. As an nature reserve visitors can see green woodpeckers, blackbirds and hummingbirds.

Among the greatest charms of Cayo Jutia is its lighthouse, one of the oldest in the country with its over 100 year history aiding sailors passing by north of Pinar del Río.

Cayo Jutia has its amazing beach, lighthouse and the legendary species of wildlife.

cayo jutia